April 2, 2012

25 Quotes on Education to Help You Keep Going

Though formal education is essential to any civilized society, there exists a deeper kind of education, which is more an attitude toward life and lived philosophy than a program of instruction; it is a spirit of curiosity and openness that has the power to change the world.  Find inspiration to educate yourself and others from the words of these wise and educated people:

March 27, 2012

So I’ve Graduated…..What next?

After years of hard work and dedication you’ve finally done it. The lectures are over. The results are in. The stage is set. All you have to do now is pick up your cap and gown, shake hands with the principal and accept your degree certificate – your ticket to an illustrious career and the prize that you’ve studied so hard to achieve. But when the ceremony is over and graduation is done, is it really that simple to just walk into your desired choice of employment? Many graduates assume that the stroll into their dream job will be as easy as their stroll across the graduation stage, but sadly due to factors such as the dwindling economic climate and the level of competition, it isn’t always that simple. Many graduates will find themselves out of college, out of work and left thinking ‘what do I do now?’
Here are some ideas:

December 22, 2011

I Did It!

It is all said and done and I have finally graduated. Right now I'm unsure as to what I want to do. I have been peeking and seeing what is out there in the job market as for my field and the area that I live in, but it looks grim, but who knows what will come up later. Well all is needed now is my degree to be sent to me so I that I have something to show for. I am proud that I was able to finally get a degree.
There was a small graduation ceremony that I attended, but the commencement won't be until May and I will definitely be there to walk across the stage. It will be a great feeling.

Now time to work off those loans.. lol.

November 12, 2011

In the Home Stretch

It's almost over. I have about 8 days left of class and I will finally be done. I actually can't believe that the time is coming up now and with Thanksgiving just in another two weeks, it will certainly be feeling as though it is fast approaching.