November 14, 2008

I'm Still Here

I haven't went away or anything, just been busy with a lot of things. There are only like 3 1/2 more weeks of school left for me this semester and it's going to be a busy 3 1/2 weeks. Tons of papers to write, test to do and then exams. With the Thanksgiving break that is coming up too, those weeks are going to go by even quicker. I'm steadily trying to bring up my grade in Statistics to a C. The instructor is assigning more homework assignments to help us out a bit from low test scores that we all are bringing in. My Immediate Accounting I class is ok. I just have to practice the homework assignments that are given, although my first test I didn't do so hot on. I even spent the entire week doing the test before it had to be turned in. I took my time and went through my notes and textbook that we were able to use and still didn't do well. I just have to try harder.

Registration for Spring 2009 classes started this past Monday. I went to my advisor and got what I needed for registering online, although I still have to pay for my parking ticket before I can register for my classes. Trying to do little extra jobs online is what is also keeping me busy so that I can get some extra money for that. Hopefully I will be able to pay it Monday *crossing fingers* So next semester, I'm planning to take only 3 classes to still keep my full time status, but also so that I don't feel overloading and overwhelmed like I was this semester. This weekend I have another take home test to do for Statistics to finish up, a letter to write to an imaginary CEO for my accounting class and then some reading for my history class. I'm planning to get started on my assignments later tonight when the kids, including hubby, are asleep so that I can concentrate on what I need to do.


Barbara said...

Hi there, Don't feel bad, I haven't wrote anything in my blog since Just haven't felt like it. I had 4 classes at the start of the school year; stopped going to my Math class in sept. and in Oct. I stopped going to both my day classes. Trying to do my 1 online class, but for for some reason lost my passion. I know I am failing in all these classes so I don't know how my financial aid will go for next semester. If they put you on academic probation, do they still let you attend classes? If I would have completed these classes, I would have only needed 3 classes to graduate in the spring, but now I will have to retake these 3 classes I messed up. I am so lost and not sure where to go from here.

I hope you do well with all your assignments in which I'm sure you will. You've made it this far. Are your classes all online, or do you attend each class? I went ahead and registered for 2 classes for next semester(but not sure about my financial aid), they are online. I think I need to take all my classes online. Well, write back if you get a chance. Good luck!!
Barbara :)

Megan said...

Hang in there! The end is in sight!!!