May 20, 2009

Looking to Get Money For Your Textbooks?

I was searching online to find some websites to see if I could sell my textbooks, especially since it is summer time now and not really many students would pay any attention to online campus bulletins that are posted. I did a couple of bulletins for a few days with no bites, that's why I went online. I found a site called and it is awesome I think. I was able to send 5 out of 7 or eight of the textbooks that I had and that was about a week or so ago. Today I got payment for those for $65 and some change. Although I wasn't able to get back as much as was paid for a couple of the books that I did out of pocket, but at least I got something for it. For the other books I found another site that you can donate or sell your textbooks at Both of these sites, you are shown how much they will give you for your books and I think you can either be paid by a check or through paypal, which is cool. So now I'm just waiting for about $20 or so from valorebooks, so in total I will eventually received about $85 which isn't bad. So I thought I would post this for those of you who are looking for other alternatives to selling your books.

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