May 13, 2009

Well I Passed My Classes

And I'm really glad that I did. I am siked that I made a B in my Film Art class. I was really wondering on what I would get on the exam since some of the questions were the same as the midterm, but I couldn't study them because somehow I lost my midterm test, but I made a B on the exam. Yay! Now my accounting is another subject though. I made a D on that. It's a passing grade, but I think I lucked out on that though. I was really worried about if I made that grade or even an F, that it would really effect my GPA which was 2.03. Now it is a 2.07 I guess because of my Film Art class. I guess I am lucky to not get on probation and plus since I changed my major back to Computer Technology. Well, live and learn and keep working hard is what I try to go by.

Monday is when summer classes begin and this is a 10 week semester, so I bet it is going to fly by quickly. I only have two classes to take which I think I mentioned somewhere earlier in a post. Computers & Management and Jazz Appreciation. Hopefully my financial aid for the books will be ready before or on Monday so that I can get the 3 books that I need for the classes. What I have already would be a few dollars shy of getting them all, and I could really use the cash advance. The week off has been moving quickly, but I think that is because I am trying to keep myself busy with working my little jobs online plus getting out of the house with the kids when I can. So that soaks up some block of time until the evening, but I'm ready for Monday though. =)