January 2, 2010

Kind of Off Topic....

I'm not much of a fashion type of a girl, but I do tend to browse clothing and accessories either window shopping or online browsing. I've been always wanting to get a pair of those ugg boots that I have seen quite a few women wear when the fall and winter season comes and think they are really cute. I like that the they have a flat heel as well because I am already tall enough and not the best of an agile person walking sometimes.. lol I also like how they appear to keep your feet warm which is a bonus as I tend to have cold feet year round it seems.

I came across a website that is having an ugg boots sale and if I get some extra money I wouldn't mind getting at least one pair to have, hopefully when the tax time rolls around in the next month or so, that would be ideal. These would also be stylish and comfortable especially when I have to walk from campus end to campus end for the upcoming semester. The boots aren't the only thing that the site has on sale. I seen that they had even ugg boots for kids as well which are cool. It is also nice that I can order these online and not have to worry about going from place to place finding something that would suit me. Anyway, so I know this is way off topic from my normal stuff, but I thought I would share for those who are looking for new wardrobe to wear during their school semester.