August 2, 2011


OMG, I was about to have a heart attack Sunday evening when I received an email saying that I had an extra class I needed to take before I could graduate. Talk about the open jaw with the words, what the... coming out. I went back to look around on the classes that I took and the graduation requirements on the school's website plus on my transcript to see what I was missing. There were two different routes that I could take to graduate and I took the route that didn't include the class that said I needed. I did take the class last fall, but unfortunately gave up on it and I didn't mind it because I thought I didn't need it anyway.

Anyway, I emailed the person back who handles the graduation requirements and such and luckily the returned email had good news. When I explained to her what route I was using, the newest one they had, she understood and went ahead and confirmed that I would be able to graduate after once I finish my last three classes this fall.

Whew.. talk about doing the cabbage patch dance to that good news.. lol