August 15, 2008

Last Weekend Before Fall Semester

New semesters, new major, new classes, new people to get aquinted with. Fall semester starts Monday and I'm really excited in going back. Right after high school I entered into a 2 year community college for Graphic Designing and Advertising, but didn't get my Associate Degree because I was missing a few credits. I was hoping to go back, but as life progressed, I didn't put that into plans any further. Fast forward to today, I started my first semester in Spring '08 at a 4 year university for Computer Information Technology. After a so called "Introduction" to Computer Programming, I thought that I would keep my interest into that as a hobby. So now when I enter once again upon the campus I will be stepping into the world of Accounting.


Miss S. said...

Hey good luck to you! I'm also an Accounting student...just a teeny bit ahead of you -- I'm getting ready to start Intermediate Accounting I (3rd semester). My first class is on the 4th, but I don't have my book either! I get paid tomorrow, so I'm going to order online tomorrow and prays it gets to me in time! I hope you have a great semester1

marry said...

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