August 18, 2008

Fall Semester Has Started

Well, not for me just yet until 6:00pm tonight. That will officially begin my fall semester as a new Accounting student and I'm excited. The only thing is that I don't have all of my textbooks yet... ugh, so I hate going into a class unprepared. I won't be able to get them until I get my loan in another week I think and hopefully I won't be to far behind in homework. Other than that, I'm ready. I have a full week of classes so that is going to be a bit more organizing then going only two nights a week like last semester... but I can do it. Think positive.

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Lele.lumz! said...

That's great that you are working so hard to get your degree. It's amazing what a person is capable of doing when they put their mind to it! Very happy for you, Nicoyle! :)