September 18, 2008

And the Grade Was....

For my accounting test, not a good one, even when the instructor based it on a 10 point scale of the grades like 100-90 is an A, so forth and so on. I was one point from a very low C if I'm calculating it right. The good news is that he will allow us to take the test over if we feel as though it wasn't our best work and that grade can replace the one we got on this test. So I am debating about it. The highest I am allowed to make on it is a 75, so that would be a B. I guess I should go ahead and try to get a better grade on it. I hate falling below a C on things when I know the information. Just looking back through the test it was mostly a few points here and there from where I may have switched things around and the multiple choice hurt me too. It was mainly on definitions kind of. So Monday is when I can take it over, then there is another test that is due at the end of Tuesday night that I have to take for my Accounting class. So that means I have to do a ton of studying this weekend.

I had a take home test and a in class test in my statistics class. We were able to use our notes and textbooks for the take home text and then notes for the in class text. I get the jist of figuring out the problems that are given to me, but when it comes to explaining what it all means, then forget about. So I know there will be points off of that part that needed explaining... sigh. I have one more test for Accounting and then an exam for that class, then it will be on to Immediate Accounting I. At least I won't have to worry about buying anymore textbooks for the next few accounting classes since they will be using the same book.

Another draft essay is due today for my HP: History 101 class in which I finished doing not to long ago. My whole intention was to do it bit by bit, but I didn't know which essay question to do, then didn't really know how to approach and when trying to do it late, late last night.. conflict aroused about so I put it off until this morning. Did I mention, I don't like to write papers... lol. Comprehending literature is not my thing. Give me a few math problems or some science/chemistry questions and I will work that out to death. lol.

It's almost TGIF... woohoo.

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E. Sheppard said...

Good luck on your retest. And your essay(s). I will be rooting for you! Let us know how it goes!