September 25, 2008

WooHoo, Got a C

A low C is what I got on my second test in accounting. I know I could have done a bit better especially on one part of the test where I knew I should have studied a bit more on. But I'm happy that I did understand what I was suppose to do a little bit more on this one and watching an accounting lecture on YouTube, helped me out some too. Have you every looked on YouTube as a study guide other than watch the dog riding on a skate That is what I did an came upon an instructor that went through the chapters and did example problems. Although my instructor is clear on his lectures and doing problems, I just needed a refresher on some things. So check that out next time to see there is a video that can help out with your school work.

My statistics test..... well I did at least pass. There are two more weeks left before the fall break and I am ready for my brain to rest some. Today, I woke up with a cold that the kids had earlier this week, so I think I will stay home from class today since it isn't much that I will miss from my history class. I think sitting in the cold buildings and then since fall is upon us, walking around on campus in the cold, windy air at night isn't going to help me. So hopefully I will get some rest this weekend since I don't have much work to do for my classes.

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Barbara said...

I hope you feel better. My daughter hasn't felt good all day. I know what you mean about fall break, mine is in 2 weeks too. I can't wait. Hopefully I will have my student loan money by then and we can do something fun.
Glad to know you are doing good in your classes. I could do well, if I would study. I can't for the life of me study that stupid algebra, I just get sick thinking about even attempting to do the homework. This is my 5th time taking this class and I've came to the conclusion its not meant to be. In May, I will have everything but this algebra finished. omgoshhh.Anyway, you have a great night and will talk again soon. Take care and get well.
Barbara :)