September 7, 2008

My First Graded Essay

Well I received my graded essay today from my instructor by email and it had at the bottom of it B-/C+. I guess that is good, not sure how to read that so I will just have to wait until Tuesday for the instructor to explain how he went about grading it. He wrote that my ideas were explained better although I was still missing the historical information that should have been in it. Well, I have three more essays to write before the end of the semester, so hopefully I will get better at writing them since they all will be a continue from the first essay.

Tomorrow I am suppose to be able to get my reimbursement check from the loan that I received. I definitely need it and it will really help with gas money. So that is one of my task for tomorrow plus try to finish reading stanzas from a poem for my Medieval class. The Song of Roland is one of the books I have to read and as I was going along reading it, I started to understand it and it was pretty interesting so far. Still have some 83 stanzas to read by Tuesday.


Seizing Destiny said...

a B- is a pretty good grade, IMO

way to go! it can only get better as your skills increase!

Barbara said...

I am a B girl. In every class, I get B' matter if the whole class got an A, I will for sure get a B..its so funny. So B's are a good thing. Keep up the good work. And glad to hear you get you loan money. I'm still waiting on mine, it will be another 3 weeks...
Barbara :)