September 6, 2008

Fast Track Class = Saturday Class

Since I'm taking fast track classes, they have it to where you would have to come in on a Saturday to sort of "make up" the hours that a regular class would have through the semester. Today was a 4 hour class of Accounting, but luckily for us the instructor didn't keep us for that long. I know I will dread the next Saturday class which is next month or November, can't remember off hand, but it's for my next accounting class, Immediate Accounting I and that is a fast track class as well which will be for 6 hours. Oh I hope it won't last that long if the that instructor will be merciful.

The class has test to do for the class that we can take anytime and turn it in before Thursday morning. I went ahead and took it because I knew trying to do it late at night wasn't going to work for me. I think I should have studied a bit more, well actually should have studied as I wasn't to sure about the last part of the test. Hopefully I will make a decent grade on it.

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Barbara said...

Thank you for the Birthday greetings. You're a sweetheart.
I hate those long hour classes. All my classes are 4 hours long each, and it does make for a long day. I have 3 of them each week. Plus my online class, which I like the best. I am nervous because in one of my classes, I have to get in front of the class and I just can't. My anxiety has been really bad lately. I have that class in the morning and sick to my stomach. Don't know what to do. Also, I bought cs3 creative suite(illustrator) for $400 at the bookstore and I can't get it downloaded on my computer. Not having a good night and it was even big brother Well, talk soon, sorry for rambling on.
Barbara :)