October 3, 2008

Accounting Test, Exam, Midterms and a Parking Ticket

So starting on a happy note, I got a B on the third test in accounting. I had a huge grin on my face, I couldn't believe that I made a B. Everyone in class did well, there weren't any complaints so that ended my night on a good note. I have the exam on Wednesday night along with a project due on the same night in accounting. There is a midterm for History on Tuesday night and then a take home test that will be given to us in Statistics to be done over the fall break.

On the other hand, the same night, I ended up getting a parking ticket on campus. I parked in the designated area, didn't do a speeding violation, didn't park out of line or anything. I got it because my vehicle isn't registered, I guess to use on campus. Over the summer I had to get a new tag and wasn't able to make it to the CCE check-in when they had it at the beginning of August, but I knew that I had to get it registered. You know how things go, a lot of stuff on your mind and plate and a few things just slip. Well I will be paying a big $100 for that slip. I didn't make it in time before the office closed to do so on Thursday, so hopefully Tuesday I can get there early enough to get that done. It's funny though, the one area that I don't normally park in is where I get the ticket. The two areas that I do park out, all the time where I normally just pull into a space, I never gotten a ticket (knock on wood).....

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Megan said...

Ugh...parking tickets. But congrats on the B!!!