October 24, 2008

My Mom Would Be Great For This

My mom is really proud of me to be going back to school and always tell me that she wishes she could do it and she has been thinking about going to college for as long as I can remember. I think that she would be good at trying for classes online and especially in medical assistant courses. She does something similar at her current job working at a nursing home. This probably would be good since she would be able to be at home and taking her classes when she is able to especially since she works a full time job. She would also be able to get her Medical Assistant Certificate within 6 to 8 weeks. She would learn things such as medical terminology, patient communication, medical billing and insurance claims and other things required for the course. Since she would be doing this online, she could also do her medical clinical labs right from her computer.

St. Augustine School of Medical Assistance is the college that would offer this opportunity to her. What I thought was also cool is that she could get a discount on the tuition fee if she knows someone that would like to take online classes as well. It's close to a $200 discount from an already low tuition fee of $645. She also would be able to register online quickly and get started right away on her path to becoming a non traditional student, like me =) But if anyone else is looking to get into this career path then you should have a look at this medical assistant school.