October 21, 2008

What Celebrity Does Your Instructor Remind You Of?

Have you ever had an instructor that put you in mind of a celebrity or someone that you may know or have known. My history instructor, from the first day of class, looks like Bill Nye, the Science Guy. lol. Do any of you know that show when it came on, I can't remember when, I know I was early in high school maybe then. But he just puts me in the mind of that person. All he needs is the white lab coat and there you go. I guess you can call the instructor Bill Nye, the History Guy.

So who all has a celebrity instructor on your campus?


Megan said...

Oh my...Bill Nye? That would be slightly annoying! :) I don't guess I've ever had any celebrity-ish profs, though I could definetely type-cast them. lol.

Barbara said...

Yes, this is so funny. My photography teacher last year looked like someone but I could not place him. Then I was watching "The Soprano's"(did I spell that right?) and realized he looked like Tony. I was like, omgoshhh. It was funny. Hope school is going well.
Barbara :)