October 15, 2008

Need to Buckle Down in Statistics

So I found out that I'm not doing well in Statistics. I mean not well at all, I have a D in that class so far. Yeah, I was surprised to, but I can see why. The first test we had I didn't do well at all and it was an open book, open note test. Also we only had two assignments that were given to us that needed to be turned in and that's it. I know one of the assignments I got an A, but I'm not sure what I got on my second assignment. So the rest of the rest of this week up until Tuesday night, I am going to take my time to do the test that we have to turn in on Wednesday nights class. I didn't know I was doing so terrible.... ugh.

On another note, I am making a C in history class at the moment, but I don't know what I made for my Accounting I class right now, hopefully a passing one. Monday is when classes start back up and I will be in Immediate Accounting I, another fast track class and hopefully the instructor will be lively as the other one.


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Nicoyle said...

Thanks, I will be sure to do that :)

anne said...

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Barbara said...

Believe me, I feel your pain. I started failing Algebra, and never went back to that class. And now I am taking 2 weeks off due to really bad anxiety, so I hope I can make up my missed assignments. I started out doing good, now not so well. Stay with it, and your grades will come up. Good luck.