December 7, 2008

3 More Days to Go

Not to much longer before the semester is over with and boy am I glad. I do dread of having to study, study, study to make sure I can at least pull a C or better on my exams to keep the C grades that I already have. In history, the exams are only 2 five page essays to write which is due on Tuesday.. I only started on the first essay last night with 2 pages of it. I would have started earlier, but I wasn't feeling well the past few days until yesterday when I got up. I'm going to try hard to do both essay before the end of tonight hopefully so that I won't be struggling to try to finish them Monday night into Tuesday morning. At least Statistics, we will be able to use our books, past test, homework and notes to do our exam... Yay! so I will definitely make the two hours useful to make a passing grade. Accounting I defininitely will have to study on. This time, no notes, homework, or book to help me with this. I will have to study off of my past tests. Crossing fingers and everything else that I will pass these courses though. Good luck to everyone else on their exams if you have them coming up to do.

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Barbara said...

I know you can make the C's, I am proud of you for making it all the way this semester. Hang in there, and keep thinking about graduating and the feeling you will have when you finally complete it all. It will be an awesome feeling. Good luck.
Barbara :)