December 13, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Well the good news is that I made C's in both my History class and my Statistics class. I'm really happy for that. Now the bad news is that I made a D for my final grade in Accounting. My  heart dropped when I saw the grade that was posted. After having a C in the class, that is what I got. I knew that when I walked out after doing my exam, even when I was taking it, that I was going to bomb it. I didn't put forth into studying it at all to tell you the truth, but I deserved that grade for that reason. Ugh, I hate that, but I learned my lesson. I really have to work harder next semester. I think a lot of stressful things that has been going on, didn't help me to concentrate on what I needed to do, but I can't change it now. Well no use to dwell on it, just have to move on. Hope you all did great on your finals and are glad for you grade for those who are finished for this semester. =)


Barbara said...

Hi there, At least this semester is over thank God. If you received a D, will you have to retake this class, or is a D still credit for you? I have a feeling next semester is going to be better for both of us. And the 2 C's you got are a good thing. I got 3 F's, and not sure about the online class yet. Have a wonderful Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
Barbara :)

E. Sheppard said...

I think you have a good attitude about what happened. It could have been worse... plus you know what to do now to fix things next semester.

You can do it! And there is always the retaking the class option if you need to up your GPA.

I am rooting for you.

zickbee said...

I feel your pain. I got a D in an online Spanish class a year ago. It didn't transfer. Hang in there and set a goal to study better! I'm proud of you for taking Statistics. I took it my first semester back to school and passed with a C+. Whew! Keep going. Don't be discouraged. This will be a better semester. I'm rooting for you, too!!