March 10, 2010

Lazy Week

Since last Thursday, I have just been really lazy, but for a good reason. It's spring break and I really just have been lounging and keeping my mind off of school other then planning my schedule for summer semester which is done now :) It's been relaxing and my mind have been rested, so I have enjoyed it and I'll be ready when classes start again on Monday. The first part of the semester has been hectic though, due to my first fast track class and because of the weather we had been getting. Tons of snow. I'm doing good so far and at the moment have my grades decent, so far a C+ and hopefully will make a B at least for my fast track class. I'm trying to stay focus and trying to keep up the best that I can.

So this is just a quick update for the time being and now time to go back and fry my brain a bit on facebook.. lol