May 9, 2010

So Surprised...

So the ending to my spring semester ending better than I suspected. I passed all of my classes especially the one that I was having trouble in. Well, I'm glad that I have gotten all of my general classes, I guess you would call those, out of the way so now I can focus on my classes for my major. Well, I have one more class for my minor in Accounting, but that's all good. The accounting class that I had for this semester was a good one. I pretty much understood it better than my other accounting classes that I had taken in the past and I think also because of the instructor is a good one too. I made a B in that class and very proud of it too.

Summer semester starts for me in another week and I'm taking three classes which are all computer classes. An HTML class, Advanced Computer Programming and a Web class. Not sure what the Web class entails until I go to it. I hope everyone has had a good semester themselves and congrats to those who have graduated.

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E. Sheppard said...

Congratulations on your semester! And good luck on summer classes. They sound like some I would like.