January 6, 2011

I'm Almost There

Well, here I go again. Another semester, another 3 classes and another promise to myself like other semesters. Last semester, I didn't put much umph into it and barely got through one of my classes and not at all in another. I'm surprised my GPA is still decent, but what can I do about it now, it's done and over with.

I am really hoping though that I will pull this through. It's a new year and it's really time to think positive so that I can make these grades, get the last classes out of the way in fall so that I can finally graduate. I already have it planned, just need to focus... I say that every time.. lol. Monday I start back and really anxious to get back into it. Although I was ready for that winter break, after a week, I needed my routine again, plus the kids were driving me up the wall after Christmas.. lol

As always, I hope those who are still pushing through to have a good semester and also good year. By the way, if anyone is searching for some personalized baby gifts, especially if you know someone who just recently had a baby or was a lucky one to have a new years baby, have a peak at BabyStuffGifts.