August 21, 2008

Colorful Statistics

I don't know anything about statistics and hopefully it will be as elementary as the the title of the class. My instructor is one of the laid back type, doesn't have much to many rules about things, which is cool. Basically we are adults and we should know what is expected from ourselves... This is my class that ends late and by that time my body is calling me for bedtime. Over the summer I usually would fall asleep about 9pm and now trying to keep my eyes awake and being alert after 10, then driving home, I am normally glad to hit the bed then. That is if I don't have homework, but the good thing is since this class only meets once a week, I still have some time to get it done.In this class, I did come prepared with my book, so Yay for me on that one.

The instructor is using a technique that I think will be cool. As she goes through keywords and working out problems, she will be using different colored markers and have said that some students do the same when taking notes, using colored pencils as they go along. So I marked a note along with with my other supplies to pick those up as well. At least on my free time in between classes, I can do a bit of art to get my mind off of things if need to be.