August 23, 2008

First Week Completed

The first week of the semester zoomed by for me it seemed. I received my Accounting book that I ordered from in only a day after I ordered which was cool. The only thing is that it doesn't contain the same problems that we have to do for homework..ugh, so I guess I will have to wait until another week before getting the actual textbook and see if a classmate of mine doesn't mind we making copies of the assignments from their book. At least I can stil have some ue from it by just using it for practice problems and for a back up reading.

Next week is going to be where the projects and paper writing will begin. Since I'm taking 2 fast track courses this semester (my accounting classes) and my Statistics class that is once a week, I have to do a Saturday and a Sunday class next month and in October. I will dread the one for Statistics because that will be a half day class, 6 hours. I didn't like it when I had to do that for my Computer Programming class, but I survived it though.