August 20, 2008

Writing Papers and Essay... Blah

The university that I am in takes writing as one of the main focuses and I'm not the type of person that like to write essays, papers, etc., but I know that I have to get used to them. In my Medieval class I have a 2 page essay, in draft form, that is due about the end of next week. Even though I don't mind writing out short sentences or a short form of trying to explain things in writing if need to be, but when it comes to things like this, I get a mental block. I start to think about in all possibilites of how I need to write it, will it come across differently then the way I'm trying to write it, will it sound stupid. Something as just writing a blog, I really don't care as to who reads it, whether they get it or not, but something that you are going to get critiqued for and graded at the end, it gets me a bit tensed.

In this class, the essay is just going to be a continuance of what we will be discussing in class and I assume, how we process it into our own ideas and whatnot. And also, my peers will be having a glance at it as well which I already feel if I would be doing this correctly or not and I don't know what the topic is for our first draft essay.... writing is definitely not my best skill in things like this.