August 19, 2008

A Smooth First night

My first class went smoothly and I think that I am going to like my Accounting class... well let's see how I do on my first text and then I will properly evaluate how I like it, at least the instructor is entertaining. So far, I already have home due for next class and a project due in two weeks, unfortunately I won't be able to do the first homework assignment since I don't have my book for it yet, but I hopefully I will get it in a few days since I have ordered it from Amazon today. I have also order another book for my Medieval class tonight, so at least I got 3 out of 4 books sorted out in this class. All in all, I have 1 book and a calculator to purchase and then I'm good. At least the books so far haven't cost me an arm and a leg and were very inexpensive.