August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend.... All Work, No Play

I have tons of homework to do over the weekend. Today, since I don't have classes on Friday, I went back through the first 2 chapters in my Accounting class to see if I could understand it on my own. Being in class, it seems so easy to do until you have to sit down and do it yourself. Well I think I got a grasp on the basics of it so far and understand it. I have a project that is due on Monday for Accounting... Yep I actual have class on Labor Day. Tomorrow, I hope I can get an understanding of what we went over in class on Wednesday night from the next 2 chapters. I have to take a break from it and start fresh tomorrow.

I'm not sure how the rough draft of my essay is at the moment for my Medieval class. Two of my classmates will be reading over it, plus the instructor, then they will post comments and such on Moodle. In return, I have to read over my classmates essay drafts as well, do the same on Moodle and also do some reading and answer questions about what I have read. Hopefully I will get the comments about my draft over the weekend. Do you ever do this... when you read someone else work on the same topic, you start to second guess on what you may have written, even though it's from your prospective, your opinion and neccesarily doesn't have a wrong answer. I'm doing that right now. I feel as though after reading what they have written, I'm like, why didn't I think of that, or that what they wrote seems better. Oh well, maybe I'm just thinking to negatively...

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Barbara said...

omgoshhh, I have soo much homework that I don't even know where to I am sitting here since I don't have a class today, and what am I doing...reading blogs. Nope, not even opening my school, I better get a grip on this, especially algebra, or I will not graduate in May of 09
Have a great day. Oh yeah, are you taking art history? I read about medieval in your blog and love that time in art.
Barbara :)