September 2, 2008

If I Didn't Happen To Look...

I wouldn't have never know that I had money from financial aid to purchase my textbooks. Yesterday, I was checking out the college website, looking up some information about a new system they were using to where you could check your ID card to see how much available money there is on it. Well when I did, I got a total surprise. The money had been sitting there since the beginning of August. So I left early enough to get to the bookstore to pick up my Accounting book and two books that I needed for my Medieval history class, especially one that I actually have to have for reading and doing my essays later through the course. My next Accounting class that will start in the middle of next month, hopefully I will have my loan by then to get that one. Now I can actually do my homework properly =)

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Barbara said...

Hi, I want to add yours also, is it .com, or blogspot?
Where I go to school, we don't get our financial aid until the 5th week of school, but they do let us purchase our books at the bookstore. It still hurts because I am visual communications, and need lots of art supplies that I can't buy yet.Plus gas money to get to class. But on the 5th week, its like Have a great day.
Barbara :)